Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Bricks Breaker Plus

Introducing most addictive, time killer game - Bricks Breaker Plus

Just focus on breaking.
Find best position to deal damage to bricks and break bricks.

☞ Free to play
☞ Endless gameplay
☞ score competition with players from all over the world

How to play
☞ Swipe to shoot balls to break the bricks.
☞ When ball hits the brick, durability is reduced. When durability reduce to 0, brick breaks.
☞ Get the green circle to increase the number of balls.
☞ When the bricks reach the bottom line, game is over.
☞ Challenge to make your high score!


  1. Ever since I got this game last week I've loved it.
    But I can't but anything - keeps saying I'm not connected to the internet, but I am!

  2. I m not clear leve 446 pls help or guide pls

  3. I m not able to clear leve 446 pls help or guide pls

  4. No brincos 100 bals o jogo não está computando toda as vezes que chega no 5 pontos, esta bugado.

  5. Can you indicate how scoring works in the help as I try to clear each level with three stars?