Sunday, July 30, 2017

Guess Word Puzzle - Puzzle of Word

Guess Word Puzzle is an exciting word puzzle game for TRUE WORD geniuses!

Guess Word Puzzle is a word puzzle game where you have to guess the correct word. With this game you can easily improve your vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills.

Guess Word Puzzle is having 4 Amazing, exciting and addictive stages.

1) Find 4-Letter Word 
- This stage contain word of 4 character and you have to guess the correct word to complete the level.

2) Find 5-Letter Word
- This stage contain word of 5 character and you have to guess the correct word to complete the level.

3) Find the missing word in a Quote
- In this stage a famous quote is given to you with a black. In that blank you have to fill a correct word by guessing.

4) Guess the Picture
-  In this stage a picture is given to you. From that picture you have to identify the word.

**How to play:

- You just have drag your finger over and combine letters in the word pad to guess the word.
- You can see your guess in preview too.
- if you find correct answer than it will animate the empty boxes.

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Birthday Photo Frames

Birthday Photo Frames, It allows you to Create Awesome & Cool Photo Frames.

Birthday !!

A Special day in everyone's life. Make their day more special with Birthday Photo Frames App.

This app will allows you to create a wonderful happy birthday wish photo by adding picture of your loved one.

With its birthday frame selection you can set picture in various frames to create more fantastic birthday wishes image.

You can also express your feeling via adding some special text with different different fonts and color's on the birthday wish photo frames.

Features Available
- Click a special moment with camera.
- Choose a photo from gallery.
- Corp, Zoom in, Zoom out.
- Select birthday frames.
- Add your special text with font's and color's.
- Save created birthday wish photo frames.
- Share created photo on social media.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Chain Reaction Pro - Arcade Game, Strategic Game

Chain Reaction Pro - Best Arcade Game, Strategic Game for 2 to 8 Players.

Chain Reaction Pro : Best Arcade Game, Strategic Game, Logical Game for 2 to 8 Players.

Chain Reaction Pro is a strategic game where the sole aim of a player is to owning a play board by eliminating your opponents. Chain Reaction game can be played by 8 players at a time which makes it a complete family entertainer. Beside from entertainment in this game can also improve your problem solving power, critical thinking etc..

Let's take a dive on about this arcade game:
At first need to choose number of players. After then players take it in turns to place their orbs in a cell of grid. Once a cell has reached threshold the orbs split into the surrounding cells adding an extra orb and claiming the cell for the player. A player may only place their orbs in a blank cell of grid or a cell that contains orbs of their own colour. As soon as a player looses all their orbs they are eliminated from the game, and last one with all same colors orbs will win the game.


- Players can change colours and sounds of their orbs.
- Set Vibration On/Off.
- Can Play in Large(HD) Grid Also.

Hoping that you all will enjoy this pretty good chain reaction pro game.

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